Republicans Sue President Obama


Republican talk of filing a lawsuit against President Barack Obama is getting closer to becoming a reality. Led by Speaker John Boehner, Republicans believe that Obama has overstepped his boundaries as president, claiming that he has illegally changed laws without the approval of Congress… Overall, they have been vague about the basis of their lawsuit; however, it does appear that they are leaning towards using the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as their legal standing.

At issue is how the president is allowed to “change” the law by delaying one provision and not enforcing it like the rest of the law. Boehner claims that Obama is unconstitutionally amending laws to fit his own objectives by halting that one part of the ACA. President Obama has obama-boehnerresponded by pointing out that the use of executive orders are legal under the constitution and he questions Republicans for suing him for “doing too much” when they have done very little during the time they have been in control of the House of Representatives.


Now, the REAL TALK… This is not just about the ACA, as a successful lawsuit will allow for Obama to actually enforce the entire healthcare law, the same law Republicans have tried to repeal over 50 times. They are so focused on political stunts like this that they are ignoring the important issues like immigration reform, education, the economy, and the crisis in the Middle East. Congress can easily deal with any grievances they have with the president by passing laws that tackles these issues. But they continue to obstruct any important legislation and refuse to compromise with Democrats. We all understand that there are philosophical differences in these issues. But does this really constitute a lawsuit?

In addition, I refuse to ignore the racial dynamics between President Obama and many of the Republicans. Never in history have we seen a president so disrespected. He has done immense work to restore this country after 8 years of a failed Bush presidency. However, we consistently see the president mocked and disrespected by folks who apparently still cannot get over the fact that he is Black.

If you think my claim is misguided, let me share why I feel strongly that there is overt racism in the behavior towards our president.

During his tenure in the White House, was President Bush ever called a liar, out loud, in the middle of an address to Congress by a congressman? No. Did Democrats ever pledge that their number one goal in Congress was to make President Bush


a one-term president and obstruct Congress to accomplish it? No. And, did then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi ever sue President Bush for his use of executive action? No. President Bush’s domestic policies actually brought our economy down to almost a depression, and his foreign policy costed thousands of wounded warriors unnecessarily and damaged relations with our global allies. While most of the country feels the same way, even Bush received more respect from those in Washington than his successor.

Furthermore, this racial disrespect does not stop at the president. Two Black cabinet members were met with similar forms of disrespect. We have seen an Attorney General, Eric Holder, held in contempt of Congress for the first time in history by Republicans, despite him testifying and providing all of the requested documents in the “Fast and Furious” gun scandal, among others. We also saw then-United Nations Ambassador, Susan Rice’s name slandered by Republicans after her Sunday morning statements on the US embassy attacks in Benghazi in 2012. They spent more time targeting these two, along with the president, than actually doing something about those problems.

With all of the mistakes of the Bush administration, I have never witnessed such rhetoric and extreme movements against cabinet members and the president himself; that is until President Obama showed up. It is hard to believe that a President Biden, President Clinton, or President Edwards (all Democratic candidates in the 2008 Election) would have received such disrespect. Disagreements? Sure. But not this level of disrespect.

This lawsuit is ridiculous, and it proves that the Republicans have no interest in solving the issues that are affecting us as Americans. How about instead of spending taxpayer money on this stupid lawsuit aimed at the further embarrassment of our president, you all do your jobs and fix the problems that all of us are facing. Instead of filing a lawsuit, fix the immigration system. Instead of filing a lawsuit, fix the infrastructure. Instead of filing a lawsuit, pass comprehensive gun control. There are too many issues going on that require cooperation and solutions. If Republicans go through with this lawsuit, all of their constituents should throw all of them out of office and replace them with people with the common sense to run our government.


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  1. I could not agree with your perspective more on this issue! I think you truly stripped away the “smoke screen” of the Republicans and got to the heart of the issue with President Obama. The actions of the Republicans during President Obama’s terms have reached the heights of absurdity so many times I am left speechless often. Great entry!



  1. GOP Lawsuit May Backfire in 2014, 2016 | Real Talk Issues

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