Two Senate spotlights; important issues

Finally, some real bipartisanship displayed in Washington D.C. If you haven’t heard, Democratic Senator Cory Booker and Republican Senator Rand Paul have introduced a joint bill called the REDEEM Act that reforms aspects of the criminal justice system. In this bill Booker and Paul address issues surrounding minors with records as well as rights for low-level drug and non-violent offenders. 

With only nine months in office, Senator Booker has already made a huge impact by spearheading bipartisan measures like this. I can always appreciate lawmakers that bring attention to other important issues that don’t always make it to the “breaking news” stories.

Also mentioned in the article is Rand Paul’s bill to return the right to vote for those who have minor drug offenses. This is something that I absolutely agree with and appreciate his efforts on this equally important issue. To me, Paul isn’Outside Int your typical Republican in today’s terms. While I disagree with a lot of his policies, there are a handful that I find refreshing especially coming from a Republican, whether it is voting rights, foreign policy or other libertarian ideas (not all). What I respect about Rand Paul is his willingness to compromise with Democrats on at least some issues which is in contrast with the obstructionist Republicans we’ve been in recent years from the House.

Props to both Senators Paul and Booker for the work on these important issues. I look forward to the progress of these issues and hopefully addressing them on Real Talk Issues in the future. And we’ll watch these two political careers with great interest as they are both rising starts in their respective parties.

For more about this REDEEM Act: 

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*Credit Politico for the photo.


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