The Black Vote Critical This November

A couple of recent articles have been released highlighting the importance of the Black vote in many of the midterm elections coming up this November. The recent senate Republican primary election in Mississippi demonstrates the power that Black voters can have, especially if engaging in strategic, coordinated efforts.

Many leaders in the Black community in Mississippi were very strategic in their participation in the Republican senate primary. They understood that the general election would most likely be won by the Republican nominee and therefore, they found that they had a great interest in the outcome of that Republican primary. black votersThough most of those Black voters are Democrats, Mississippi rules allowed them to vote in the Republican primary if they didn’t vote in any other primary. They saw that a win for incumbent Senator Thad Cochran would be better for their community then Tea Party candidate, Chris McDaniel.

The Mississippi example should be very encouraging for Black voters around the world. In recent presidential elections, it has been well established that the Black turnout had a huge effect on the election and re-election of President Obama. This recent example, however, highlights the importance of all elections, not just presidential elections. This November, with many crucial senate races, particularly in the South, Black voters have another opportunity to influence outcomes.

We’ll continue to look into this and other midterm election developments as we get closer to November 4.


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*Credit The Daily Beast for the photo.


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