The Border Crisis is a Humanitarian Crisis


In the past several months, we have seen an influx of young children coming to the United States being met by border patrol agents. Upwards of 52,000 undocumented children have come from the countries of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. These children are fleeing their countries to take a dangerous journey to the United States in order to flee the violent conditions of their countries.

This increase in immigrant children reaching the border has brought up the debate about immigration reform. Is this a call to pass comprehensive immigration reform? Is President Obama doing enough to secure the border?   Immigration Obama

The truth is that there are two different issues going on here. Of course there are 11 million undocumented Americans who are already in the United States. Many of them have been here for years, brought to this country as children. We should pass comprehensive immigration reform so that our dreamers have access to the rights and privileges that all Americans do.

But this problem is a little bit different. This is more of a refugee situation. The Republicans are describing this as another situation where the “illegals” are sneaking across the border and that it is President Obama’s fault for not securing the border. However, these children are going right up to border security and are essentially turning themselves in. In essence, these children are coming to our doorstep asking for help. Instead of protesting and calling for the immediate deportation of these children, perhaps it would be best to find a more effective and humane solution to this crisis.

Now, the Real Talk…

This is not an immigration problem, this is a humanitarian crisis. These are kids that are escaping violence in their own countries and have come to America for help. I disagree with President Obama and many Republicans for pushing to speed up deportations. If these children are being sent by their parents to the United States to escape the mass violence in their countries, do we really think that it is right to send them back to places that we know are not safe? That is completely immoral and we should be ashamed if this takes place.

perry obama border crisis nbc newsWe need to make an effort to fix the humanitarian crisis. These kids aren’t coming here to sneak over the border to have access to the American dream, whatever that means to us these days. Therefore, the United States should take some time to assist the countries where these kids are coming from so that when they do return it is much safer than it is now.

It is ironic that the leaders of America, many of them Republican, always feel the need to get involved in issues overseas that do not concern us. They often look to assert American power and influence to control certain areas of the world and certain resources that do not belong to us. How about our leaders decide to use what power and influence they think we have to a great humanitarian cause. How about instead of funding unnecessary wars and conflict in the Middle East, we use some of that money to assist kids who have been sent to us to ask for help. If a child of a neighbor comes over asking for help because there is violence in their home, you don’t tell that kid to go away. You will do whatever you can to help, so that when that kid goes back home he or she is not going back to a dangerous situation. The same logic should apply in this border situation and we should assist these countries so that these kids have a safe home to return to.border protests nbc news

With all of the right wing protests of “the illegals” entering our country, we really need to start acting like we all are human beings. We must remember that we are all a nation of immigrants. If you really think about it, we are all illegal immigrants, as this land was occupied by the Native Americans long before Christopher Columbus “discovered” America. Let’s start actually being the caring Americans we pretend to be and help out those in need. This is a humanitarian crisis that can be fixed if we stop making this into another political issue.


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*Credit The Huffington Post and NBC News for the photos.


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  1. Reblogged this on Arlin Report and commented:
    I don’t know how accurate the photos are of the immigrants crossing the border into our country……I can only assume they are a good picture of what we are receiving. Take a look at the children above, they are clothed better than our poor and as well as our middle class. How bad is it really back home? Why did Obama encourage their exodus here? Come on, they traveled thousands of mile from Central America and made it unaccompanied. Talk about a FALSE FLAG !


  2. We have no business giving healthcare to illegal immigrants that is better in quality than what our military and veterans have access to.


  3. Humanitarian is defiantly the key word in this crisis. Does the United States want to be known as a country that turns away children at the border, when they are primarily seeking safety from the ravages of their homeland? As a mother, I can’t even imagine what it would be like to give up your child and send them away to something completely unknown. The only reason a mother would do that is to save the life of her child, knowing that what remains in their own country is far worse than what they would be facing. If folks would put themselves in the shoes of some of these mothers, perhaps they could see outside their own selfish interests, and become solution oriented instead of reactionary.


  4. America has no business doing a lot of things that it does. We cannot continue to make such arguments only when convenient to our position on certain issues. This is a humanitarian crisis and I think we should help these folks. I’m not saying we have to keep them forever, but at least help them now, help their countries become safer that way they can go back to somewhere where they don’t have to live in fear.

    Also, I fail to understand how President Obama “encourage[d] their exodus.” The President did not cause this crisis. The violent, and poor economic conditions in their countries caused this. It is ridiculous to think that the President causes all the problems that happens in this country. If you really want to blame someone, blame President Bush. Why? Because he signed the law that made this possible in 2008, a law that makes these kids from these countries refugees, different treatment from what Mexican immigrants get. President Obama has been firm on his stance on deportations before this recent border crisis (having the highest deportation rate under his watch) and as this issue has been playing out. Blaming Obama is misguided.


    • What do you call it when the President goes on global TV and tells the world that he will not enforce our current immigration laws while he tries to pass an amnesty? If that isn’t encouraging illegal immigration, I don’t know what would.


      • So once again, as I mentioned in my post, this is not an immigration issue, this is a humanitarian issue. This recent string of children coming to the US are escaping the countries with the highest murder rates in the world. American has been privileged enough to not have to deal with issues such as refugees flooding into our country. Now that it has, people want to politicize the problem by showing their frustrations with the immigration system. The motivation of these kids are not to illegally immigrate for a better economic life. They are escaping certain death in their violent countries.

        On the immigration issue itself, Congress also has the power to make change on immigration. You can’t solely blame the president for not taking action when Congress hasn’t either.


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