Federal Agency Used against Israel?

Texas Republican Senator, Ted Cruz, was in the news today for expressing his insistence that the decision from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to ban U.S. airlines from traveling into Israel’s main international airport was politically motivated by the White House. He argues that it was an attempt by the Obama Administration to pressure Israel to stop their assault on Gaza. While Cruz isn’t the only critic of the FAA’s decision (many Israeli officials and members of the U.S. Congress has agreed that it was the wrong decision), he has gone the furthest in his criticism directly accusing the Obama Administration of using this federal agency for international political purposes. 

Are we not a week removed from the Malaysian Airlines flight being shot down in a war zone in Ukraine? Almost 300 innocent civilians died in that attack and none of them were involved in the conflict between Ukraine, Russia, and the Russian-backed separatists in Eastern Ukraine. On the heels of that horrific incident, why is it a bad idea to ban planes from going near a war zone?

Many Americans, especially those in government, support Israel wholeheartedly, which is fine. However, choosing to forego the safety of American citizens, and any other innocent civilians, because you don’t want to appear like you don’t support an ally is absurd. Israel has already used the Iron Dome missile defense system successfully. If the United States, under the Obama Administration, didn’t support Israel, they wouldn’t have that Iron Dome system provided by this country.

On another note, whether or not you support Israel, we have to really think about Israel’s actions thus far. The Iron Dome has been more than sufficient in defending their country against Hamas. Israel has past the point of defense, but is continuing to massacre the people in Gaza after a ground invasion.

I don’t know whether Senator Cruz’s claims are correct, but I was perfectly fine with the FAA’s decision (before it was finally overturned), whether it was politically motivated or not. In my last post on this issue, I argued for divestment from Israel. America needs to stop supporting the destruction of innocent civilians. I think the FAA’s ban on flights to the Tel Aviv airport would be a great economic boycott that should continue to take place until Israel pulls out of Gaza. It’s just a shame that the FAA, and possibly the Obama administration, fell to the pressure and overturned their decision.


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*Credit ABC News for the Photo.


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