Month: August 2014

American Back to War?

Real Talk SATURDAY Is American going back to war in Iraq? As the days and weeks go by it seems inevitable that troops will ends up back in the country we withdrew from three years ago. When running for president, then-Senator Barack… Read More ›

Clinton vs. Obama

Oh Hillary Rodham Clinton, back in the news with talks of her “potential” 2016 ambitions. This time, the talk is around her stark criticism of President Obama’s foreign policy. Earlier this week, Hillary Clinton said in an interview that the president’s policy on… Read More ›

Brady, Gun Control

Preview – Real Talk SATURDAY  In the wake of the death of former White House press secretary, James Brady, I will venture into the issue of gun control. After being seriously injured during the attempted assassination of President Reagan in 1981, Brady… Read More ›

Heated Senate Race In Kentucky

This is probably going to be the most exciting race of the 2014 midterm elections. High stakes on both sides, particularly for the parties supporting Democratic candidate Alison Grimes, and incumbent Republican Senator Mitch McConnell. On the Democratic side, this is a potential pick… Read More ›

Rand Paul’s Reversals

Senator Rand Paul recently tried to clarified some statements he made in 2011 with regards to foreign aid to Israel, presumably in light of the recent conflict in Gaza. Showing his “unwavering” support for Israel, he contradicted some statements three… Read More ›