Rand Paul’s Reversals

Senator Rand Paul recently tried to clarified some statements he made in 2011 with regards to foreign aid to Israel, presumably in light of the recent conflict in Gaza. Showing his “unwavering” support for Israel, he contradicted some statements three years ago where he claimed that the United States should stop providing funds to Israel. 

Now to be fair, Paul was not specifically targeting Israel, at least when he was speaking to Wolf Blitzer on CNN. During those statements, Paul was making an argument for debt reduction, which including withholding foreign aid from ALL countries that we send assistance to. When pressed by Blitzer specifically on Israel, Paul confirmed that he statements applied to Israel. He was not claiming to be anti-Israel.

While many of the reports on Paul’s “flip-flop” are not 100% fair, particularly with his views on Israel, this general flip-flopping claim will be interesting to follow, considering how he is a potential candidate for the Republican nomination for president in 2016. Understanding that many of the previous nominees had to move to the right on many issues in order to get the nomination, Paul may be re-thinking his strategy.

Some of Paul’s initiatives can be considered more liberal by many of his fellow Republicans. Whether it be his foreign policy summarized by not finding the need for the United States to get involved in every international problem as the world’s policeman, or his domestic positions on voting rights and the criminal justice system, among other issues. With that, it will be interesting to see what Paul’s position on those (and other) issues will be this time next year when the Republican presidential debates are in full swing.

Rand Paul better be careful to not engage in too much flip-flopping. This was one of Mitt Romney’s biggest problems and probably was a huge factor in his loss to incumbent-President Barack Obama in 2012. Rand Paul would be better served by sticking to his positions because, in my opinion, if he manages to get through the Republican nomination with his true principles and values he may be more electable than any other Republican that makes a sharp turn to the right for nomination purposes.


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*Credit Politico for the photo.


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