Obama’s Domestic Success Amid Foreign Policy Critiques

President Obama at a September 1 Labor Day rally. *Chicago Tribune*

On today’s Labor Day, President Obama spoke at a rally celebrating Labor Day. During his speech, he took the opportunity to highlight the success seen recently in the economy. He was able to speak about the unemployment rate going down more than 4% since he took office, lower than it was when he took office. He also spoke about the GDP getting back to a reasonable rate of growth. Obama said today, “By almost every measure, the American economy and American workers are better off than when I took office.”

I’m glad that the president went out and spoke about the positive things that are happening in this country. This summer, the news was full of dramatic international events. We saw the Israeli conflict in Gaza, the Russian provocation in Ukraine, and the fight against ISIS. Every week it appeared to be something else that escalated to some military conflict. Now, the United States is wrestling with whether to get involved with Iraq (again) and Syria due to the ISIS threat. While President Obama has been criticized about his handling of these foreign policy issues, I was delighted to hear some news about some of his successes.

For those who want to criticize the President, remember all of his successes especially on the economy. Not only has the economy improved under his administration, it also came about despite years of Republicans wanting to do nothing but criticize the president and do absolutely nothing in Congress. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I’m glad that President Obama is thinking long and hard before taking us to a more advanced military conflict. That’s what good presidents do – they think and are not reckless.

With this contrast between the president’s domestic and foreign policy, what does this say about Obama’s legacy? In my opinion, he has plenty to add to his legacy, but with a year and a half to go, there is more to come from this president.

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