Economic Success Amid Crises

President Barack Obama spoke to a crowd near Chicago today, touting the economic recovery. The economy has largely taken a back seat to the various crises we have seen since earlier in the year. From the the continuing Russian/Ukrainian crisis, to the Israeli aggression in Gaza, to the new aggressions against the terror group ISIS, foreign policy has taken over the headlines in the last few months. Recently, we have seen the Secret Scandal and the ebola health crisis take center stage. For the president, this year of action has turn into a year of crisis. Obama Northwestern

But let’s think about the successes in the economy. After the Bush economy saw this country losing more than 800,000 jobs per month, the Obama economy reversed that trend and not only have we been on a steady upward trend, including around 200,000 jobs per month just in 2014, but we have also seen a gain of over 10 million jobs since President Obama took office. In addition, we have seen reports about the housing market improving and have experienced the best stock market showings in years.

Finally, after a botched rollout and tons of Republican criticism, the Affordable Care Act (disrespectfully dubbed “Obamacare”) has dramatically decreased the uninsured rate and lowered costs of health insurance. Because of all of the Republican obstructionism and the unforeseen crises, the Affordable Care Act might be the most notable policy of Obama’s tenure.

Despite the fact that the economy could have been even better if we didn’t have a Republican obstructionists in Congress, few can deny the successes that this president has accomplished on the economic side of things. Unfortunately, it will continue to be shadowed by the constant state of war and conflict in the Middle East.


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