Secret Service Debacle


This week we saw the director of the Secret Service, Julia Pierson resign amid multiple security breaches that came to light last week. In a House Oversight committee hearing, there was bipartisan support for the condemnation of Pierson and her Secret Service colleagues. This hearing came to fruition after an Iraq veteran was able to not only get over the fence of the White House but also get very into the building, all while having a knife on his person.julia pierson

Unfortunately, this incident was not the first of its kind. The President’s security was in jeopardy earlier this year after a man was allowed into an elevator with the President Obama. The worst part about that was that the man was armed and had not been checked by the Secret Service.

These two incidents are just examples of the issues in the Secret Service as there have been many scandals for the past several years during this Obama Presidency. We remember the prostitution scandal in Columbia in 2012 as well as incidents where Secret Service agents were found passed out in a drunken state. We also remember that in 2011, when shots fired at the White House, the Secret Service didn’t even notice. The damaged windows were not even noticed until days later by White House aides, not by agents.

Now, the Real Talk…

It was time for Julia Pierson to go. Unfortunately for her, she looked very incompetent during the House hearing on the topic and did not come off in a way that she understood the urgency of the situation she was faced with.

Especially after that testimony, there had become increasing bipartisan support for Pierson to step down. Both Darryl Issa and Elijah Cummings, the chair and ranking members, respectively, both called for new leadership in the Secret Service following their hearing. It’s bad when Representative, Elijah Cummings, the ranking Democratic committee member calls for the resignation of a member of the Democratic elijah cummingsadministration.

But honestly, I agree. This not only shows how much the president was at risk for many of the past six years, but it also shows this country as incompetent. If our country cannot adequately protect the leader of the free world, we are in trouble.

What if that man that came in the White House with a knife had a gun or other destructive weapons? What if the president and/or his family were actually in the White House at the time of the intrusion? What if there were multiple people or ransacked the White House with who knows what? It seems really ridiculous that what used to be safest building in the country was so easily breached by a someone going through Post Traumatic Stress. If our Secret Service wasn’t prepared for that, I’m scared.

Julia Pierson made history by becoming the first woman to lead the organization. Unfortunately, she was just as incompetent as her male predecessor and deserved to be fired from this position.


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