The Ebola Czar Debate

Even though it has been largely in the news over the past few weeks, I have tried to stay away from talking about the topic of Ebola. I am not a health expert and don’t necessarily have any appropriate commentary on the very important topic. However, this changed when I saw politics being entered into the debate on the handling the Ebola crisis. Therefore, I will address what is being deemed a controversy.

Senator John McCain and other republicans have begun to criticize President Obama for not appointing an Ebola “czar” to manage the health crisis. They believe that the handling of this issue has been poor since two patience have been diagnosed with Ebola in the United States. First of all, it is ridiculous that McCain and others insist on mccain ebolamaking everything, including such a world crisis, such a political issue. Anything that they can criticize the president on, they make an effort to do so. Second, if the republicans want to blame anyone for what is being done, they can blame themselves for some of their criticism.

Let’s take the issue of the czar. Republicans believe that the naming of an Ebola czar would better manage this crisis. But this is a stance that is in conflict to the republican position to almost every other issues. Infusing government into important issues is the opposite of the republican principles these days. Therefore, it is very interesting that they insist on a czar when they have rejected the concept of a czar with other economic issues, citing big government.

The ironic thing about republicans wanting a czar, is the fact that they have refused to vote for a Surgeon General for quite some time. President Obama nominated a Surgeon General for months ago, and Republicans have refused to confirm that nomination. If republicans really want a leader to the health crisis, it would make sense for the top medical official in the country to take the helm. If we had one confirmed, it may have been easier for the government to manage the crisis because there would be already be a czar of sorts in office.

The other part of this is the fact that republicans have forced many budget cuts across the healthcare sector. We have heard from experts in recent days mention that if it weren’t for the many budget cuts over the past few years, there would be some form of treatment, vaccine, or cure for this deadly Ebola. Of course, republicans don’t think about the impacts of their obstructionism and austerity when they vote to cut budgets unilaterally, however we are definitely seeing some terrible effects at play. We don’t have the appropriate resources at our disposal and in the United States of American, that is a shame.

So when John McCain wants to complain about the president’s handling of this crisis, how about considering put blame where it is due and reviewing how republican actions have had a negative impact on this and other crises around the country.


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