The Florida Fan-Gate Scandal

cristscott2Just when you thought that politics couldn’t get any more petty, it did. Last night, at the Florida Gubernatorial Debate, Governor Rick Scott didn’t initially come out to debate his Democratic challenger, former governor Charlie Crist. The reason? A fan. Yes, an electric fan that was posted at the lower part of Governor Crist’s podium.

This is a new low for politics. We’re used to petty bickering over political issues, including the shutdown of the entire government over select issues. But the fact that Governor Scott did not want to debate Governor Crist because he had an electric fan is absolutely ridiculous. Scott cited the rules that says that there are no electronic devices allowed. But if he feels the need to take the time to point out that a FAN gives Crist an unfair advantage, he doesn’t deserve to represent the sunshine state.

Since then Scott has tried to act as if the fan was not a big deal, now saying that in their second debate Crist can bring a fan, microwave, humidifier, or toaster if it makes him feel comfortable. He’s now walking this back since apparently he now realizes how petty the “fan-gate” scandal really was. I’m not sure how this will play out in the election, but I do hope that the citizens of Florida focus on the candidate’s records, their stances on the issues, and their plans to move their state forward.

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