Democrats Lose Faith in Grimes

grimes mcconnell debateJust one day after after she debated the senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell,  Alison Lundergan Grimes’  one promising campaign to unseat the Kentucky Senator took a turn for the worse, thanks to… the Democrats. Apparently, Democrats have lost all faith in her campaign and have essentially conceded the race to McConnell.

As disappointing as this is for Democrats, hoping to maintain control of the Senate, Grimes may have done this to herself by not answering the question everyone expected her to be asked – did she vote for President Obama. The fact that she has consistently avoided answering the question drew attention away from the actual campaign. The fact that she did vote for the president shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, even in Kentucky. And honestly, it wouldn’t have made any difference considering the McConnell campaign made every effort to tie Grimes to the president, despite her attempts to separate herself from him and his policies.

Personally, I am pretty disappointed that the Democrats pulled out of Kentucky. This would have been a great opportunity, not only at a better chance at maintaining the Senate, but also to unseat a very polarizing Republican. Mitch McConnell has put politics over the best interest of the American people by making his number one priority making President Obama a one-term president. Not the economy, not national security… defeating a democratic president was his top priority.

Despite the pullout from Democrats, I do hope that Grimes continues to fight to the end. We need Grimes to take McConnell out so that we can have someone who is interested in compromising and solving these issues through cooperation. Hopefully, Hillary Clinton’s visit will do some good for the Grimes campaign.


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