Ridiculous Ebola Quarantine Policies

kacihickoxThe debate around the Ebola virus continues to get more and more ridiculous as some elected officials have found a way to politicize this issue. The debate really ratcheted up last week when another doctor who came from West Africa was diagnosed with the virus. Following this, several governors, such as Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York and Republican Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, have tried to implement policies meant to offset the horrible start of the handling of this crisis by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Governor Cuomo has eased certain policies, however, Governor Christie has been relentless and pretty vocal about policies such as quarantining people who have been exposed to other people with the virus for the 21 days that Ebola can come up. Christie is playing politics because he’s playing to the fear and the misconceptions about the virus. The fact is that all of the medical experts and all of the science suggest that quarantine is not necessary for those who do not show sympoms, regardless of previous exposure. Christie is wrong on this. But let’s face it, this is free press for him for later ambitions.

Unfortunately playing to the fear of some Americans is following the nurse Kaci Hickox from New Jersey to Maine who has had imposed a quarantine on her. Hickox continues to test negative for the Ebola virus and does not imposed a medical risk according to the vast majority of the medical community. She should not be held prisoner in her house because she went to West Africa to help those in need. This policy of quarantine is ridiculous and I hope Hickox is successful in her efforts against the state of Maine oppressive quarantine policies.

President Obama talked about many of these doctors being heroes for doing the good work, going to those West African countries and saving lives for those who have Ebola. It is really a shame that we are so ignorant in this country that some of these health workers who are not sick are being treated in such way. I truly hope that the president continues to speak out about this issues, because as Americans, we need to do better. It is sad when “Breaking News” is a woman leaving for a bike ride. This is a non-issue, especially when doctors and nurses who treat Ebola patients in the United States get to go home and are not quarantined for 21 days. This is political, and should not be used politically. Leave Kaci Hickox alone.


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