Ferguson, America Brace for Grand Jury Decision

governor-nixonThe city of Ferguson, Missouri have been waiting for weeks for the answer to one question. Will Officer Darren Wilson be indicted by a grand jury for killing an unarmed, black, teenage boy this summer? A decision was initially set to be released in October, however, it was delayed until November and expected to be released any day now.

Leaks from the grand jury proceedings have continued to be released. Some experts believe that the slow released of otherwise confidential information is to ease the response to a potential decision in favor of Officer Wilson. Regardless, community members are gearing up to voice their opinion about the decision, especially if no indictment is ordered.

To make things worse, Governor Jay Nixon (D-MO) declared a state of emergency Monday ahead of the release of that decision. While many have argued for peaceful protests and have had concerns for safety for the community, it does seem very presumptuous to call for a state of emergency before anything even happens. Protesting has been peaceful since the summer time and there has been no major incidents since. But what is interesting is how a potential no indictment decision will cause a state of emergency but little concern from people in power is given to members of the Black community who are continuously terrorized by the police.

We’ll see how things turn out as we await the decision in Ferguson.


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