Mitt Romney Wants In… Again

Romney is back! Former Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney apparently is seriously considering a run for the presidency in 2016. This is, of course, after two failed attempts at the presidency in 2008, where he lost the Republican primary, and in 2012, when he lost the general election. Romney’s announcement comes weeks after former Florida governor, Jeb Bush, announced that he was actively considering whether or not to run for president. Many argue that Bush’s announcement was meant to halt donors from supporting other candidates, asking them instead to consider his candidacy for president. Not so fast, add Romney to the mix.

With Romney and Bush’s interest in the 2016 campaign, the Republican field is starting to get crowded. We see that other prominent Republicans are also considering a run, such as Senators Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz. But those are more conservative members of the party who will be competing for Tea Party and evangelical voters. However, the establishment and more moderate voters are also going to have several choices in the race, which may complicate things for Romney. In addition to a Bush candidacy, Romney is also facing potential competition from New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, who has become pretty popular as the chair of the Republican Governor’s Association.

Mitt Romney has three problems that will prevent him from even making it past the Republican nomination, let alone win the general election. First, he’s a flip flopper. He has gone on record to take contradictory positions on various issues dating back to his 1994 senatorial campaign against the late Senator Ted Kennedy. Just in this last election where he was defeated by President Obama in 2012, he changed his positions so far to the right in the Republican primary, that he just couldn’t make it back to the center before the general election. People will not only remember that, but they will be reminded of his constant ambiguity on the issues.

Second, he has to go up against the record of President Obama. During 2012, he criticized the president saying that his policies were a failure and that we wouldn’t get an unemployment rate below 6%, the GDP wouldn’t improve, and gas prices would continue to rise. Well under this president the unemployment rate, GDP, and gas prices have all improved under this president. As someone who had alternative ideas, he’s going to have to explain why the ideas he opposed worked or look foolish saying the economy is still in shambles.

Finally, Mitt Romney’s problem is that he is very fake. He does not come off as a genuine politician that really cares about the people. His 2012 campaign was plagued by gaffes that make him appear unsympathetic to the common person – i.e. his 47% comments. Because of his previous campaign, the Democrats will already have a lot of negative campaigns that they can line up to once again derail his quest to hold the top office.

For these reasons, Romney will not make it past the Republican nomination, should he choose to run. So unless he wants to be embarrassed again when he loses, he may want to rethink his consideration for a run for president.

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  1. Your final reason is the fatal one. No one gets elected who can’t appear authentic on camera. If you are faking it, you have to be a good actor. Mitt isn’t.


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