Attorney General Confirmation Hearing

US Attorney Loretta Lynch faced the senate judiciary committee yesterday during her confirmation hearing for Attorney General. This is the first high profile confirmation hearing since the Republicans took control of the Senate earlier this month. While nothing particularly controversial was said about the testimony of Lynch, Republicans took the opportunity to rail on current Attorney General Eric Holder.

The confirmation largely being about Holder highlights the rocky relationship between him and the Republican congress, who once held him in content. Despite the hostility, Lynch held her own. She did not say anything controversial and attempted to distinguish herself as different from Eric Holder as someone who would be independent of the president and who would have a better relationship with the Congress.

But make no mistake, Loretta Lynch will likely continue the policies carried out by the Justice Department as well as the Obama Administration. And in reality, she should. This justice department has done more for civil rights than it has for years. Under Eric Holder’s leadership, more work than ever has been done around preventing police brutality against Black and Latino people. With everything in the news in Ferguson and New York and elsewhere, this important work is necessary and should absolutely be continued.

Regardless of the politics of confirmation hearing, Loretta Lynch will likely be confirmed as the new United States Attorney General. With that, she will make history as the first Black woman to hold the post. While the general politics are at play, let’s not forget the history that is being made here. America has lots of struggles and hadn’t made the progress many are claiming. But I do take pride in seeing these baby steps towards a true post-racial society.


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