Unexpected Beneficiary of Romney’s 2016 Decision

After Mitt Romney announced last week that he would not seek the Republican nomination for the 2016 presidential election, many eyes shifted towards former Florida governor, Jeb Bush. With Romney and Bush being the more moderate, establishment Republicans that have been actively considering running for president, it was almost certain that Bush would become the front runner. However, in recent polls a new leader of the pack has emerged. His name is Scott Walker.

Walker is the second term governor of Wisconsin and has had a very tumultuous time in office. Governor Walker faced a recall election a couple of years ago when he decided to take on the unions and alter collective bargaining rights in the state. He not only survived that race but also survived reelection last year during the midterm elections.

Bottom line, Scott Walker may be a threat in the Republican primary. Walker has become increasingly popular amongst the Republican base and has had tremendous success in a state that has voted Democratic in the last several presidential elections. With his conservative credentials and his willingness to stand up for his principles, all he would really have to do is convince the party that he will be able to successfully carry his and other blue states. If any Republican can do that in the general election, Democratic will be in trouble.

Of course, it is still very early in the process and quite frankly there are other candidates with similar credentials. The good thing about the Republican field is that they will have a choice. I can’t say the same for the Democratic Party, but we’ll touch on that another time. For now, Walker should not only enjoy him time on top, but he should actively be trying to hold that lead should he finally throw his hat into the race officially. Because he’s going to have a very difficult time defending his record in Wisconsin to independent voters and any Democratic votes he wishes to stray away.


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