Criticism of the President Unfair and Ridiculous

In yet another example of how crazy some Republicans can get, former New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani made some crude comments against President Barack Obama Wednesday, stating that he doesn’t think that the president loves America. These comments came from the former mayor in response to President Obama’s refusal to use the term “islamic” or “islamist” extremism in his rhetoric. While the president had been criticized by mostly Republicans, but some Democrats as well, for the lack of the use of those words, Obama has been consistency in his opposition to using those works, claiming that American is not at war with Islam or the Muslim community.

Now before we get into the ridiculousness of Mr. Giuliani and some of his other silly Republican friends, let’s look at the issue at hand. Why are some people insisting on using a version of “Islam” when referring to the terrorists of ISIL. If you really think about it, ISIL is the exact opposite of what real Islam represents. No religion could ever be represented by what ISIL is doing. We’re wasting so much time trying to label terrorism than actually combatting terrorism and solving the root causes of terrorism such as poverty and lack of economic opportunity.

Since when did we allow religious ideologies be used to justify heinous acts? Oh wait… slavery was justified in the Christian Bible. And the Ku Klux Klan were technically Christian and used that faith as justification. We also know of a history of mass persecutions carried out by Christians in previous centuries. But we know that people today would be extremely offended if we referred to slavery in the history books as “Christian slavery” or referred to the KKK as “Christian terrorists”. If you are offended  when the Christian name is tied to horrible acts of violence, then you should be offended when Islam is being used to justify today’s terrorism.

Also, how smart would it be for us to consider the “enemy” as Islamic terrorists? Let’s think about the fact that most of the people affected by conflicts in the Middle East are muslim, and that Islam is worshiped in many of the countries we are trying to build a coalition with to defeat ISIL. If America ratchets up the rhetoric we risk once again alienating a sizable Islamic community in the United States and around the world and losing what little support we have in the region itself.

Now, back to Obama not loving America. Really? How does Giuliani come to that conclusion? First of all, you have to love this country to want to take the job of the presidency. If someone really hated American that bad, why even bother running this country. What Giuliani fails to say is that Obama is probably more patriotic than many of the Republicans who do nothing but stall and derail the American government whenever they don’t get their way. Have they heard of democracy? Or do they only want to impose Democracy in the Middle East?

Honestly, this is really just a case of Giuliani trying to find relevancy in the Republican party. I mean honestly, when is the last time we heard from Rudy Giuliani? He said some ridiculous comments about the New York City mayor a couple of months ago in the wake of the murder of Eric Garner and the killing of the two police officers. If Rudy Giuliani cannot gain relevance without the petty name-calling, he has his answer as to why he couldn’t be elected president then, now, and forever.

Trying to pose the president as something “other” than American is eerily similar to the birther movement, most recently and ridiculously held together by Donald Trump until the full birth certificate was produced.  But these movements are code words for racial slurs. Presidents Reagan and G.W. Bush destroyed the American economy and foreign influence around the world but nobody of significant prominence ever questions whether they love the country they served as Commander-in-Chief. But even though we are in year seven of the term of the first Black president of the United States, the extreme rhetoric that has plagued the Republican party has continued to persist. A word of advice for Republicans such as Scott Walker and Bobby Jindal, who both either agrees or didn’t disagree with Giuliani, if you keep this behavior up, say bye bye to 2016.


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