Democratic Clash Could Benefit Warren

obamaandwarrenIn the past week we’ve seen this clash between President Obama and Democrats on a trade policy that he’s been pushing over the past few months. In the last two days a showdown has surfaced with a surprising leader of the Obama opposition on this issue – Warren.


Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has been in a war of words with the democratic President of the United States, Barack Obama around this particular trade authority bill. Warren has previously worked with the president on other economic policies and both have been deemed liberal darlings of the Democratic party. However, this issue has struck a nerve with accusations and light name calling over the last few days. Obama said Warren was “dead wrong” on her position and that she is taking a political position. Warren says that this bill threatens the very bill he signed in 2010 which include protections against Wall Street. Democrats have since blocked the bill in the Senate.


This clash, however, could be great for Senator Warren if she ends up deciding to run for President. I know, she continues to say she will not be running for president but I have a feeling that as time goes on, she might reconsider. Because Warren has been compared to the liberal candidate Obama, many would wonder how a Warren presidency would be different from an Obama presidency. This question comes up not just from Republicans who obviously oppose the Obama administration, but also disenfranchised Democrats who have been disappointed that the president hasn’t been able to do everything that he’s promised. A Warren candidacy could restore faith in the Democratic party due to her record of fighting for economic equality and middle class economics, fairly liberal and progressive policies. This is extremely important for the Democrats since we rarely se a Democrat win immediately after a two-term Democratic president.


Warren’s opposition to Obama on this issue could give her a solid example of her opposition to the president of the same party, and would add to her record of standing up for what she believes in. This is something that many Americans want to see. Personally, I get sick of party politics where everyone falls in line even if they disagree with it. This happens way too often and I applaud Senator Warren for leading the charge even against the president, whom I also support, on this particular issue. This will absolutely serve her well should she change her mind on a run for the presidency.


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News Sources:


New York Times – Obama Calls Elizabeth Warren ‘Absolutely Wrong’ on Trade Deal

Washington Post – Feud with Warren breaks open amid ‘fast track’ vote

CNN – Elizabeth Warren strikes back against Obama over trade


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