Jeb Bush Plagued by Brother’s Iraq Record


Likely presidential candidate, Jeb Bush, has spent the better part of the last week backtracking and clarifying statements he made about whether or not he would have authorized the Iraq War in 2003 even with all of the information now proving how much of a mistake that was. In all of the statements he appears to be saying that while he may have authorized the war with the intelligence that was presented back in 2003, we now know that the intelligence wasn’t correct.


Bush’s problem is that he is trying to not criticize his brother, former president George W. Bush, and his horrible foreign policy legacy after the blunder of starting the war in Iraq using faulty intelligence. Those who support President Bush try to explain that there were other factors beyond the weapons of mass destruction that was necessary for the U.S. military to invade the country. Jeb Bush is falling into that trap when a majority of Americans are against the war and think of it as a mistake.


Bush’s protection of his brother is not a surprise considering it was just last week that he noted that one of his foreign policy advisors was, in fact, his brother. This is going to be extremely difficult for him particularly on building his foreign policy credentials. Hillary Clinton found out the hard way in 2008 that supporting that war would be costly even if you now oppose it. Bush’s straddling of the fence and not wanting to hurt his brother’s feelings may cost him the Republican nomination and definitely the presidency, itself.


I think that Jeb Bush would actually gain a lot of respect if he flat out said that it was wrong to go into Iraq in 2003. This would show that he is an independent thinker and that he would challenge any Republican, including his own brother, for doing the wrong thing or taking wrong positions. He can acknowledge that at the time the information and intelligence we had warranted action. Whether anyone believes that now or not is irrelevant because even many democrats voted for the authorization for military action with that same evidence. My point is that Jeb Bush can really gain some political points if he says that his brother was wrong. Unfortunately, now that it is known that Bush 43 is a foreign policy advisor to the presumptive presidential candidate, Jeb Bush has continued to drag the baggage of his brother’s failed presidency towards his own campaign for the office.


UPDATE: Jeb Bush just announced that knowing what he knows now, he would not have authorized the Iraq War.


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News Sources:


CNN – Jeb Bush tries to move past Iraq

Huffington Post – Jeb Bush: I, Too, Would have Authorized Iraq Invasion

Fox News – Jeb Bush says he would have backed Iraq invasion


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