The Rise and Fall of ‘The Donald’

Oh Mr. Donald Trump. Yes, Donald Trump is running for president. Well, technically he is although nobody really believes that he is a serious candidate. Trump, the real estate mogul and television personality, has always flirted with the possibility of running for president, particularly in the past few years where his rhetoric against President Barack Obama became personal after the president took office. We all remember Trump’s comments on President Obama’s citizenship and birth certificate a few years ago.

While even those comments were viewed as controversial at the time, it is the same type of rhetoric that has Trump topping the Republican polls, even against candidates such as Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul. This time, the topic has to do with illegal immigration. But with Trump taking an aggressive stance on the topic, he stated that Mexican immigrants were murders, rapists, and some of them were good people.

This, obviously, is creating a flurry from within the Republican Party, who cannot seem to make The Donald go away. But with a party that already has had much trouble with the Latino community, these comments from the apparent front runner (yes, Donald Trump is the Republican front runner according to many reputable polls), the Republicans better get their act together very soon if they want a chance at cracking even a small amount of Latino voters that Mitt Romney failed to get in 2012. Getting rid of Trump will not solve the problem, but it will at least stop the bleeding caused by Trump’s racist rants against Mexican immigrants that are offensive to not just the Latino community, but many people of color, progressives, and many other Americans.

The funny part about this is the fact that Trump actually used to be a Democrat and has supported Hillary Clinton’s senate campaign in the past as well as the Clinton’s foundation. Maybe it’s just me, but it definitely seems like Trump’s entrance in the Republican race was an orchestrated ploy by the Clinton Campaign. Capitalizing on the Republican’s struggles with Latinos, making the Republican party look like the crazy racists they continue to be accused of being, taking attention away from stronger and more competitive Republicans – what a better way for Donald Trump to donate to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, once again. So far, even with all of Clinton’s struggles, Donald Trump is definitely stealing the attention of the political world. But it will only be a matter of time when he, too, is “fired”. Perhaps today’s comments towards John McCain and his status as an American hero will mark the beginning of the end.

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News Sources

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*Photo retrieved from Politico


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