International Events

Netanyahu Speech Backfired for Upcoming Election

Tuesday marks Election Day for Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is fighting for his political life. Recent polls have shown that he may very well lose his office as Prime Minister, but the polls are tight and due to Israeli’s parliamentary system, his party doesn’t necessarily have to win for him to remain in office.


American Back to War?

Real Talk SATURDAY Is American going back to war in Iraq? As the days and weeks go by it seems inevitable that troops will ends up back in the country we withdrew from three years ago. When running for president, then-Senator Barack… Read More ›

The War In Gaza

Preview – Real Talk SATURDAY  The war continues almost immediately after a 72-hour cease fire agreement was finally achieved yesterday between Israel and Hamas. It now appears that this conflict is going to get worse, although I’m not sure how worse it can… Read More ›

Federal Agency Used against Israel?

Texas Republican Senator, Ted Cruz, was in the news today for expressing his insistence that the decision from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to ban U.S. airlines from traveling into Israel’s main international airport was politically motivated by the White House. He argues that it was… Read More ›