The Rise and Fall of ‘The Donald’

Oh Mr. Donald Trump. Yes, Donald Trump is running for president. Well, technically he is although nobody really believes that he is a serious candidate. Donald Trump, the real estate mogul and television personality, has always flirted with the possibility of running for president, particularly in the past few years where his rhetoric against President Barack Obama became personal after the president took office. We all remember Trump’s comments on President Obama’s citizenship and birth certificate.


Democratic Clash Could Benefit Warren

In the past week we’ve seen this clash between President Obama and Democrats on a trade policy that he’s been pushing over the past few months. In the last two days a showdown has surfaced with a surprising leader of the Obama opposition on this issue – Warren.

Jeb Bush Plagued by Brother’s Iraq Record

Likely presidential candidate, Jeb Bush, has spent the better part of the last week backtracking and clarifying statements he made about whether or not he would have authorized the Iraq War in 2003 even with all of the information now proving how much of a mistake that was.

Netanyahu Speech Backfired for Upcoming Election

Tuesday marks Election Day for Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is fighting for his political life. Recent polls have shown that he may very well lose his office as Prime Minister, but the polls are tight and due to Israeli’s parliamentary system, his party doesn’t necessarily have to win for him to remain in office.

Mitt Romney Wants In… Again

Romney is back! Former Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney apparently is seriously considering a run for the presidency in 2016. This is, of course, after two failed attempts at the presidency in 2008, where he lost the Republican primary, and in 2012, when he lost the general election.