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Fallout from Explosive CIA Torture Report

A bombshell report regarding enhanced interrogation tactics conducted by the CIA was released this week by California Senator Dianne Feinstein, the chair of the intelligence committee in the United States senate. This “CIA Torture Report” revealed the brutal tactics… read more


Enough About Ebola


The headline for all major news outlets has been about the Ebola virus. It started over the summer with news of the horrible situation in West Africa where thousands of people were dying from the serious disease. But even at that point, the coverage, in America, started to turn to the question of what if Ebola came to the states. Once there was the first American diagnosis of Ebola of a man that traveled from West Africa, the coverage has been nonstop; in fact, it has been a bit too much.

The Ebola Czar Debate

Senator John McCain and other republicans have begun to criticize President Obama for not appointing an Ebola “czar” to manage the health crisis. They believe that the handling of this issue has been poor since two patience have been diagnosed with Ebola in the United States.

Democrats in Trouble


With less than a month before the midterm elections, Democrats are in even more trouble than they were earlier in the earlier in the year. Most people assumed that Republicans were already on the path to winning the Senate. But in recent months, several factors put that advantage into question… read more